System Engineering

Today, companies increasingly find themselves in the need to manage huge amounts of information in an effective, efficient and rapid way to respond to the rapid changes in the market. It is therefore necessary to have the information available in a timely manner and this is possible only if the company has an adequate information system.

Ailanto AG designs, builds and maintains corporate information systems for the storage, management and transmission of digital data and information, developed based on customer needs using the most reliable and innovative technologies available.

The key points of the design and implementation of an Information System are:

  • Reliability of Services and Data
  • Availability of Services and Data
  • Confidentiality of Data Data Integrity
  • Security of Resources, Services and Data

Ailanto AG designs, installs and configures Network Servers on both Microsoft and Open Source platforms based on Unix-Like languages.

Open Source Operating Systems mainly used:

  • GNU/Linux Debian
  • GNU/Linux Ubuntu
  • GNU/Linux Suse Enterprise
  • FreeBSD

Ailanto AG also operates on proprietary Operating Systems such as:

  • MS-Windows Server 2003/2008
  • MS-Windows XP/Vista/Seven
  • Solaris

Some of the services that can be configured and implemented by us:

  • Web server and ancillary services: WebDAV, wiki, etc.
  • Internal and external mail servers
  • DB server: MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2
  • Application Server: WebSphere, JBoss, TomCat
  • Dataware House: SpagoBI, Pentaho, etc.
  • VPN layer 2 (PPPOE, ecc), layer 3 (IPSec) e layer 4/5 (TLS/SSL)
  • Single Sign On systems for accessing web services

Below we list some high-level profiles that Ailanto AG can provide.

  • System Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Security Administrator
  • Virtualization Administrator
  • Cloud Administrator

Our systems engineers are also verticalized on some technologies and software, for example in the System Administration field we have systems engineers available who are specialized in Microsoft or Unix / Linux operating systems, as well as Rad Hat Enterprise Systems.

Another example concerns database management, where specialization in Oracle Database technology is our specialty.  

Our services

With Ailanto AG it is possible to make use of the wealth of knowledge acquired in national and international contexts on multiple technological fields and advanced and complex architectures.

Ailanto AG Consultants are qualified professionals who are selected at the explicit request of the client in all technological and organizational areas in the Application and Systems areas.

Let us be your partner. Ailanto AG can…..

– Fulfill your need for experts with a precise technical and professional profile to be included in current projects

– Quickly place specialized resources on platforms and products that are innovative for the customer

– Increase flexibility and expertise in the management and implementation of your IT projects