IT Outsourcing

It is not from the invention itself that fortune comes, but from its improvements.

What is Outsourcing?

The term IT outsourcing refers to the partial or complete outsourcing of IT functions or IT-related business processes to external service providers. Outsourcing of IT services to outside companies is already very common in the IT industry today – in principle, there are many areas of IT that can be reasonably outsourced:

  • Data storage and hosting
  • Software development
  • Site development
  • Administration of websites or applications
  • Technical support services by IT specialists
  • Telecommunication services
  • Informatique infrastructure

In a digital and widely interconnected business world, it is now possible to outsource IT services regardless of the location of the service provider. Small and medium-sized businesses in particular, which often do not have the necessary IT expertise or sufficient capacity, resort to IT outsourcing.

What Matters in IT Outsourcing – How to Find the Right Partner

With our many years of experience in outsourcing IT services, we are the ideal partner for you as an IT specialist and consultant. We develop a tailor-made outsourcing strategy for you that fully meets your requirements. In close collaboration with you, we define the services to be outsourced and find experienced, competent and reliable external service providers.

Our services

With Ailanto AG it is possible to make use of the wealth of knowledge acquired in national and international contexts on multiple technological fields and advanced and complex architectures.

Ailanto AG Consultants are qualified professionals who are selected at the explicit request of the client in all technological and organizational areas in the Application and Systems areas.

Let us be your partner. Ailanto AG can…..

– Fulfill your need for experts with a precise technical and professional profile to be included in current projects

– Quickly place specialized resources on platforms and products that are innovative for the customer

– Increase flexibility and expertise in the management and implementation of your IT projects