IT Architecture & Security

IT Architecture

Ailanto AG offers IT consultancy and skill transfer activities to guide companies towards a future of digital innovation. We design the evolution of complex information systems and provide organizations with strategic support in technological choices. We directly experience the emerging innovations in the world of information technology. This allows us to circumvent the trends of the moment and to focus only on efficient and quality solutions.

Organizing the IT system in relation to the business activities of the company means intervening on many aspects:

  • Identifying and cataloging different components, to govern the complexity with an overall and coherent vision
  • Enhancing of the information systems to make them more affordable
  • Planning and coordinating changes with greater agility, and seizing the opportunities offered by new technologies (e.g., In the cloud services on new devices, etc.)

Our starting point is the full understanding of:

  • business objectives, requirements, and processes (and their possible evolutions)
  • existing systems (and any gaps that must be filled to make them more adherent to the company’s business and able to change with the speed required by the market)
  • technological trends

The target architecture thus becomes the translation of the corporate strategy into the IT perspective. It guides the development and “structured” evolution of systems with the support of appropriate standards and best practices.

To innovate processes, applications and technology infrastructure in an agile and effective way, it is essential to ensure close cooperation between the functions of business and IT and shared vision of the entire “farm system”.

This approach allows us to provide the overall view of the operation of the company, including different aspects: processes, applications, information and technologies. It serves to represent these components and understand their relationships, facilitating their governance and continuous evolution in the face of external changes and new opportunities, based on the objectives and business strategy.

  • alignment IT / Business
  • reduction of complexity (of processes, applications and infrastructures)
  • improvement of the quality of processes and data
  • efficient use of resources and cost reduction
  • flexibility and speed of response in the face of change
  • integration business process
  • compliance with regulations

What we can offer?

Support to companies in their Enterprise Architecture initiatives, thanks to the know-how gained by our team on topics ranging from process analysis to data and application integration problems, cloud, web, AI, Big Data.

IT Security

In our interconnected entrepreneurial world, more and more companies are using SaaS applications and moving their processes to the cloud. As a result, central management of identities and access rights has become an extremely complex task that companies can no longer accomplish without professional identity and access management known as IAM (Identity Access Management).

Modern IAM systems are able to centrally manage and largely automate access to different systems and applications. It is thus possible to grant business partners, customers or suppliers secure access to its own network. Professional IAM software is therefore the basis for agility and efficiency in increasingly complex system environments with different vendors.

When creating an IAM concept, it is important to tailor the range of functions to the individual needs of the customer. Typical functions of identity and access management software are as follows:

  • user authentication
  • authorization or assignment of rights
  • provisioning – automated creation and assignment of accounts and permissions
  • single sign-on – possibility of single sign-on for multiple systems
  • workflow for process control
  • role system – automatic assignment of permissions to predefined roles
  • self-service – independent request for services by the user

As an experienced specialist in IAM systems, we support you during the entire project phase – from advice to implementation, including planning and development. We create a tailor-made IAM concept for you that precisely meets your individual needs. Through customer-specific updates and enhancements, we make your existing IAM system state-of-the-art.

Do you use cloud and SaaS applications and want to protect your network reliably?

Then we have the solution for you: with our innovative approaches to IAM systems, we meet your individual needs and enable secure and efficient management of identities and access rights. Contact us.

IT security management & compliance control

As part of overall SIEM approaches, the concepts of IT security management and compliance control also play an important role from a business perspective.

The term IT security management generally covers all measures aimed at ensuring IT security in the enterprise. With an effective IT security management system, the business can protect itself against internal and external cyber attacks and detect and prevent costly fraudulent activity at an early stage. When selecting an appropriate software solution for IT security management, it is important to choose a scalable technology that can be flexibly tailored to the needs of the business.

In this context, compliance control aims to ensure the compliance of the IT infrastructure with the internal and external requirements of the company. By introducing quality assurance testing, companies can continuously check their business processes against regulatory and internal standards and ensure high quality standards.

To meet the stringent requirements of internal and external regulations, you need powerful monitoring and analysis tools.

As a long-time IT specialist and consultant, Ailanto AG helps you gain a holistic view of IT security in your business. We support you in the implementation of an effective security information and event management (SIEM) system and tailor the software of your choice specifically to your individual needs.

Our services

With Ailanto AG it is possible to make use of the wealth of knowledge acquired in national and international contexts on multiple technological fields and advanced and complex architectures.

Ailanto AG Consultants are qualified professionals who are selected at the explicit request of the client in all technological and organizational areas in the Application and Systems areas.

Let us be your partner. Ailanto AG can…..

– Fulfill your need for experts with a precise technical and professional profile to be included in current projects

– Quickly place specialized resources on platforms and products that are innovative for the customer

– Increase flexibility and expertise in the management and implementation of your IT projects