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About Ailanto AG

Ailanto AG was established in 2015 as part of a group of companies specializing in managing and supporting IT system integration and engineering projects for clients in Switzerland and abroad.

We are a highly experienced and passionate team with more than 20 years of experience in Project Management, Architecture, System Engineering, and Software/Product Development and we are committed to deliver excellence and lasting success to our clients.

Part of our core business is to build safe, reliable, and scalable infrastructure that enables our clients to support both traditional and next generation applications, as well as to safely collect, store, and manage large amounts of data.

We offer services that cover the entire spectrum of the IT project life cycle, from the solution design, security, system engineering, to project and program management, all the way through to project completion.

Whether your business is considering a move to the cloud, or you have already begun planning, our extensive cloud strategy experience will help enhance the process and keep your costs and downtime to a minimum.

Strong business values and ethics are part of our DNA

Our Services

IT Recruitment

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IT Outsourcing

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Project management

– Program Management
– Project Management

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IT Architecture & Security

– High Level Solution Design
– High Level Network Design
– Security Rules and Design
– Low Level Solution Design

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System Engineering

– Network
– Unix/DevOps
– Windows/Desktop & Workgroup
– Database Administration
– Configuration Management
– Release Management
– Processes automation

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Software Development

– Requirement Analysis
– Design
– Implementation
– Testing and Documentation

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